Air Pollution Control Products / Systems

Our expertise extends to the execution of turnkey projects and manufacture of products in the following areas :

Fume Extraction & Treatment Systems:
Push Pull Type Systems
Point Exhaust Systems
General Exhaust Systems.
Source Exhaust Systems.

Dust Extraction & Treatment Systems:
Aspiration Systems
Point Extraction Systems
General Extraction Systems
Source Extraction Systems

Customised Fabrication:
Process & Storage Tanks
Reactors & Vessels
Material Handling Racks & Trolleys
Furnaces, Humidification & Drying Ovens
Custom Made Equipment

Standard Products:
Ducting & Grilles- SS, MS, GI, PVC, PP & FRP
Centrifugal Fans, Axial Flow Fans
PP Fume Cupboards, Fume Hoods,
Gas & Dust Scrubbers (Packed Bed Scrubbers/Venturi /Cyclone Type), Horizontal or Demister Type Scrubbers
Dust Collectors , Bag Filters
30M Stacks - MS , FRP

In addition to the above, we also:
Undertake AMC's & routine maintenance jobs of systems and equipment in plant.
Provide Value Engineering Solutions.
Provide Corrosion Control Solutions for ETP Structures & Equipment, Process flooring etc.
Undertake Piping Projects for Acid, Alkali, DM Water, Gases and Effluent Handling.

We have supplied Fume & Dust Extraction Equipment and Systems to some of the leading names in the industry viz;
01.   TATA STEEL , orissa
02.   UNILEVER, bangladesh
03.   BOMBAY DYEING, patalganga
04.   CASTROL, patalganga & mumbai
05.   RICHTER THEMIS , daman
06.   CHEMPLAST, cuddalore
07.   RAW MET , orissa
08.   BERGER PAINTS, bangladesh
09.   SCHENECTADY HERDILLIA, navi mumbai
10.   MUKAND STEEL , kalwa
11.   EXIDE INDUSTRIES, mumbai,kolkata,hosur, pune banwal
13.   LAMBDA EASTERN-kashipur
14.   MINDA-rudrapur
15.   ARTHEON ENERGY-nashik
16.   L&T- mumbai
17.   SYMBIOTEC PHARMA -indore
18.   TATA PROJECTS-kokata
19.   COLGATE PALMOLIVE-baddi & goa
20.   TUDOR INDUSTRIES-prantij & hosur
21.   SHRENUJ GROUP-mumbai &botswana
22.   GOLDSTAR GROUP-mumbai
24.   EMERALD JEWELLERY-coimbatore
25.   SUN JEWELS GROUP-mumbai
26.   GE- mumbai
27.   KBS GROUP, Mumbai
29.   UNIDESIGN GROUP-mumbai & navsari
30.   LUBRIZOL-navi mumbai
31.   AMAT , IIT - mumbai
32.   JEWELEX GROUP-mumbai & surat
33.   RAM KRISHNA EXPORTS-mumbai & surat
34.   SANGHAVI JEWELLERY GROUP-mumbai &surat
35.   ABM , sri lanka
36.   BASF, mumbai
37.   SABIC , hosur , (for UHP Technologies)
38.   NCL , pashan

condensor cyclo-bag-filter demo-stairs double-stage-scrubbing dust-scrubber etp-access-emark-battery frp-blower frp-blower1 frve-fittings fume-cupboard-grid fume-hood-with-control grating-color green-leaves-basf lab-counter lab-counter1 lab-counter3 pvdf-tank spray-nozzle ss-blower ss-ducting ss-try tanks truck-tank twin-blower-system unitary-dc wet-bench lightbox 2 image galleryby v6.1

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